Statistics and Reach

Did You Know

  • You do not have to be in the field of technology to advertise on Category5 Technology TV.
  • Category5 Technology TV reaches a global market, with regular viewers from the United States, Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and many other countries around the world.
  • Category5 has persistently and reliably broadcast its program every single Tuesday evening at 7pm since September, 2007. Even when Christmas Day 2007 and New Year’s Day 2008 fell on a Tuesday, the show still went on.


  • Our broadcast itself averages 60,000 viewers per episode, with a new episode going forth each week.
  • Our syndicates see a viewership on average of 750,000 views per syndicated clip.


  • PC computer users, both male and female, all ages (Rated G).
  • Native Language (Top 6): 85% English. 3% Dutch. 1.5% Spanish. 1% French. 1% Portuguese. 1% Chinese.
  • Main demographic is 91.1% male, 8.9% female with reach to ages 13-65+.
  • Strongest reach is to those 45-54 at 33.8%, 23.1% are 35-44. 9.8% are 25-34.


  • Category5 TV has been broadcasting live since 2007.
  • A season of Category5 TV consists of no less than 52 episodes.
  • Category5 has never missed a show, which goes forth each and every Tuesday night at 7pm Eastern.
  • Due to the unique broadcast distribution model of Category5 TV, reviews and advertising slots have a “ripple effect” in that viewers are still actively watching episodes up to one year from the original air date. Unlike traditional TV, Category5 TV carries a much more long-term impact.
  • Category5 continues to grow. In 2012 alone, Category5 TV celebrated its 5th anniversary, signed a syndication deal with a company in New York, and a contract with a syndicate in Los Angeles. These relationships have increased average per-episode viewership by around 20,000 viewers, and the show is continually growing its syndication partnerships in other areas of the world.

Product Reviews and Comprehensive Demonstrations

Category5 TV hosts product reviews and comprehensive product demonstrations and tutorials. Please contact us for details and individual rates.


Category5 TV will welcome you on air to demonstrate and discuss your product or service. Viewers may interact with you live through the live chat room or telephone. Please contact us for details and individual rates.


Category5 TV is directly promoted on the following platforms:

  • Our main web site, Category5.TV
  • Extensive search engine optimization and submission practices
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Roku
  • Miro Internet TV
  • YouTube
  • Blip.TV

Geographic Reach

This is an interactive map detailing the approximate location (based on IP address) of recent views of our programming.