Positions Available

Prodigy Digital Solutions is looking to fill the following positions on its popular broadcast, Category5 Technology TV. All positions are on a volunteer basis with possibility for commission on ad sales, if applicable. All volunteers must be reliable and punctual. We are happy to sign off on volunteer hours.

Category5 TV is entirely operated by volunteers, however, volunteers who also wish to sell advertising on our programs will receive a generous commission on each sale. Volunteers who own a business may also promote their own business (upon approval) at a significantly discounted rate.

All positions are at our studio in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Regrettably, the studio where these positions will be fulfilled is not wheelchair accessible. We are very sorry if this affects your ability to work with us in this capacity. Please contact us regardless and let’s see if there is some other way you could be involved.

  • Camera Operator This position has been filled
    • Off air position
    • Training will be provided.
    • Responsibilities Include: learning and understanding the featureset of our cameras (white balance, exposure, focus, zoom), operating one or multiple cameras during a live broadcast, once per week.
    • Time Commitment: Tuesday evenings, approximately 1.5-2 hours per week
  • News Director / Anchor This position has been filled
    • On air position
    • Training will be provided.
    • Responsibilities Include: accumulate and write 4 to 6 news stories per week appropriate for a tech newscast, secure and perform interviews with individuals connected with stories when possible, read the stories on-air once per week (either live or pre-recorded).
    • Time Commitment: Tuesday evenings, approximately 4 hours per week
  • Executive Producer
    • Off air position
    • Training will be provided.
    • Responsibilities Include: procure interviews applicable to our broadcast format, advise camera operator of shot recommendations (eg., if out of focus or need to zoom in or out), advise hosts regarding content or presentation, observe and advise regarding any issues (such as sound problems, wardrobe malfunctions or reflections), general administrative duties.
    • Time Commitment: Tuesday evenings, approximately 2 hours per week
  • Makeup Artist
    • Off air position
    • Responsibilities Include: procurement of necessary makeup and supplies (funds will be provided for purchase), application of makeup on hosts before and during show as needed (to reduce glare on the hosts, hide blemishes, etc).
    • Time Commitment: Tuesday evenings, approximately 1 hour per week

Interested? Please fill in the Contact Us form or give us a call at 254-522-8588.