Book Publications

Prodigy Digital Solutions’ publishing house, Rock of Ages Publishing House, is a registered publication entity with Library and Archives Canada. Our books appear in public libraries across Ontario, and are available for purchase on Amazon web sites as well as Amazon Kindle.

Self-publication can be daunting since a large part of the self-publication process (beyond the writing itself) is having your book formatted for print or distribution on e-readers. Rock of Ages Publishing House, founded in 1999, can help you establish your book(s) on the world-wide web.

Rock of Ages Publishing House will establish an ISBN (barcode) for your book.

We can help you get your books in print, with no minimum orders. We’re not a traditional publishing and distribution company: we simply sell the service to get your book available, and then you can go where you like with that book. We take care of all the technical jargon and get you from a transcript to a fully printed copy of your book, available for sale.

This service starts at $2,000. Contact us for an accurate quote.