Furnishing Partnership (Contra Arrangement)


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Furnishing Partnerships give your product or service strong visibility. This is an excellent supplement to any ad bundle.

A furnishing partner is a contra agreement between Prodigy Digital Solutions and your company.

Furnishing Partners receive:

  • Front page visibility on the Category5 Technology TV web site with a brand logo which redirects to your web site.
  • A minimum of 12 on-air mentions per year.
  • Priority giveaway provision and promotions.

Pay By Product:

  • Your Furnishing Partnership cost will be reduced by the MSRP value of your product or service, as provided to Category5 Technology TV for internal use. The value of prize giveaways are not included in this.
  • Your Furnishing Partnership cost can be reduced to $0 if your product or service matches or exceeds the billable amount.
  • If your product or service exceeds the Furnishing Partnership cost, the overage will roll over to the next year’s Furnishing Partnership billing.  Therefore, if a product is valued at MSRP $3,000, you will receive multiple years of Furnishing Partner status.
  • Once you have contacted us with the MSRP value and product information you will be sourcing, a coupon code will be provided to you to reduce your Furnishing Partnership cost up to the full amount of the partnership.


  • All product undergoes a brief review and approval process. We do not promote products we do not believe in. We are partnering with you to promote your product. We need to be excited about what you’re providing, and we will let you know if your product does not qualify.
  • If import fees occur during transit, they will be billed back to you. Please be careful to label your shipment as NFR.